Artwork: Practicing figure poses

So it is the end of the year. A year of my new hobby in drawing. It has been an interesting progression I think. I spent a lot of time of figure work because I enjoy it but not the entire time.

For Christmas I did get some art supplies and some art books. And some of those will help with some figure poses and practice. So that is what I have been mucking about with in the very last few days of this year.

I did this pose in watercolour pencils at first and then just worked the rest in watercolour paint. I rather like how it turned out. I still need to work on my watercolour techniques, which will be a goal for next year for sure.

And then this was the very last drawing of the year. Just a random pose I chose to draw and went with it.

Mostly these are in my sketch book and just for practice really. Just trying out different poses at the moment to get used to movements and body structures. It will take some time. I do them in different mediums and styles to just play around with it but mostly it is the poses themselves I want to explore.

See more artwork

This is my First art post from September 2019 when I started drawing again

Trying a more emotive style (this was just first time I did rough sketches)

Figure practice (may 2020 is when I started some figure work)

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