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New Year: Pandemic Episode II

I haven’t been able to write much on my current WIP during the pandemic.

What has it been now? 5 years? 10? I lost track somewhere.

I don’t know who is writing this plotline but enough already! It is insanity we have stuffed into 2020 and already into 2021. This writer is clearly mad. Off his/her rocker. Throwing twists and turns out there on some sort of erratic whim. The pandemic is brutal enough without anything else happening. But, oh, so much else is happening.

I know that periods of boredom actually spur creativity. Moments when we pause, ponder, daydream… things stir in our brains.

That doesn’t describe the pandemic lockdown situation. It is a big stress ball that is constantly on our minds, impacting our lives and like we are constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop… something worse and then worse and then worse. Because that is how it has been. So it is constantly adapting to new levels of stress. And all that sucks our thoughts and attention. With little to spare for those quiet times of pondering and daydreaming and stirring up ideas.

It makes sense and I’m not going to fight it. Instead I am focusing on editing. And blogging. And non-fiction articles. And hopefully when my brain is just a tad less stressed then I can focus on my WIP once more. Setting it aside for a bit does no harm. It has been a rough year. Have to give myself a break. I will also get to some reading because that sometimes gets me into the mood to get back to my WIP… also good for a distraction and to relax.

Pandemic Episode II is very similar to the first season I find. Sometimes I think I am still trapped in 2020 and forget we made it through. But we did. I think. We are still in lockdown here until January 21st so maybe that is why it feels like we are on standstill.

I watch the news and every time I do I think ‘I have to stop watching the news’. But I need to know. But do I? Every day? It is all grim. And being reminded of it every day over and over is exhausting. I might need a break from it. That may help with creativity too. Just not exposing myself to PANDEMIC BREAKING NEWS!!!

I will say this… I made no New Year’s resolution. Just getting through 2020 was hard enough. I think I don’t need any other goal for 2021 other than to get through it in one piece. And sane-ish.

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