Artwork: Acrylics

On a whim I decided to give acrylics a go. Since I have no idea if I will like it I just got this small beginning pack and these small little canvases. Just to give it a go. This is for a few layers in and I had already cleaned up one time- because it… Continue reading Artwork: Acrylics

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My focus is very specific right now

I have been focusing a great deal on my art right now. Mostly because I can't actually focus on much of anything. And I can just zone in on drawing. Long-COVID and my Work-In-Progress Novels I have two novels I am really into at the moment. I am completely inspired to write them. I have… Continue reading My focus is very specific right now

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The Art of Mental Health Exhibit

I have a piece of art in a local exhibit at the art foundry here for mental health awareness month. It was really cool to be accepted for it and I have always supported mental health awareness month. I have a diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder and while that is managed at the moment there… Continue reading The Art of Mental Health Exhibit


Artwork: playing with mixed mediums

I have been playing around with different mediums lately. I found some pastels which have been fun to play around with although I only have a small selection of colours. And then is still really like ink and charcoal mixed. This one was actually charcoal and then layered over that was white and gray pastel.… Continue reading Artwork: playing with mixed mediums


Artwork: Ink and Charcoal

I am digging working with ink as a medium lately. But I also like experimenting with charcoal... I just have never been really taught how to do much with it. I should take some tutorials on YouTube or something. But I mean, I haven't actually been taught anything about anything. So nothing new there. Sort… Continue reading Artwork: Ink and Charcoal


Artwork: Black & White portrait in ink

So since I have been doing my vestibular rehabilitation therapy for vertigo I have been getting worse every day. I thought today I would relax with some art since I can't really focus on much of anything at all. I thought some art would at least be something I could Do that would relax me.… Continue reading Artwork: Black & White portrait in ink