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What ethnicity is Santa? Years of Research and I have the theories

It is sometimes debated what race and culture Santa Claus is. I know this is a tricky one for children out there. Us adults have pondered the question for a billion trillion years and I can tell you Only what we Know so Far.

Kids, I won’t lie to you. I don’t have kids, so I have no reason to lie. I know some have been told Santa is white and so many images show him as Caucasian. But that is just what Caucasian people say because that is the story they have been told. I am not telling the story I have been told but the facts and evidence we Know about Santa in the actual real world.

And there are two facts that stand out that influence Theories on Santa’s appearance. We have to consider Both of these theories when we speculate on his possible physical appearance because we have no idea which one is true.

What ethnicity is Santa? Years of Research and I have the theories

No one has seen Santa

First of all, no adult in existence or in the past has ever actually Seen Santa. We cannot confirm any actual features, or race or anything at all. But we have had some sightings over the years to speculate on some things. We have seen glimpses of the sled and reindeer. Some sightings of Santa slipping into a chimney way too small for him. Brief glimpses of him in his red, but not Always red, suit. From this we know he exists. For a fact. And that is the majority of cases, he looks a little overweight (no judgement, Santa, we feed you a billion cookies… so… that happens).

And over the centuries us adults have speculated on some theories:

  1. Either there is More than 1 Santa and that is how he gets the entire world done in one night. And therefore he can be all sorts of races and cultures and heritages. We have no idea.
  2. Or he may have Santa Helpers of a variety of races and cultures all over the world to help him distribute gifts and get wishes from children.

All speculation of course. It could be both. Or neither.

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Santa is magical

We know Santa has some serious magical mojo. Now, Magic, is just a way of explaining things we do not understand. We know he can do things with physics we can’t- like warp space and time. And since we have no idea how he does these things, we call it magic.

However, this is also why so many descriptions of Santa occur. We have no idea if the depictions of Santa are accurate. If they were actual sightings or fabrications. Some may have been glimpses from afar and … can’t say much when you see features from a distance. Let’s just say, we have concluded no eyewitness accounts have been conclusive. And we have had no conclusive pictures or videos of him actually in a house delivering presents, yet.

Yet, we have seen him appear in places all over the world. And he appears Differently. So if it is Not because of reason 1 above (more than 1 Santa, or Santa Helpers) then it is Reason 2, being inherently a magical being. Or, and we cannot rule this out, BOTH reason 1 AND 2.

If it is Not that there is more than 1 Santa, then it is actually that Santa himself is a Magical Entity. He has no true shape or form. He is as we perceive him to be. And everyone perceives him differently based on how they Want him to look. No one will every see or perceive the same Santa. It could be a group will perceive the same Santa because of Group Thought but that is about it.

In this case, as a Magical Entity Santa has no race, or heritage, or culture specific to him- he participates in all the celebrations that welcome him and is perceived in the way you most want to see him- As the jolliest, happiest, friendliest, generous, old fellow you can think of.

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A Third Theory

I should mention a less accepted theory that has been floating around out there for a bit. I do not agree with it. There is no evidence for it other than Santa seems to be technologically advanced. Still, some people suggest it is Possible Santa is an Alien. A shape-shifting benevolent alien.

I know. Sounds crazy. But the theory has been tossed around by some circles so just throwing it out there.

In conclusion

Most adults ascribe to the theory that Santa has a bunch of Helper Santas. They have lost their sense of magic in the world. And perhaps do not understand magic is just something we do not understand yet.

So I, for one, believe in the theory that Santa is purely a magical entity that presents himself to us in the way we want to perceive him, or expect to see him. I believe this because we already know that we can warp space and time. Time warping is established in how he gets around the world in a night. That is fact. And space warping is established in how he can shrink and warp his shape to get into Any house. That is Also a fact. It isn’t much of a stretch to think he, himself, embodies the holiday spirit and how he is perceived depends on who is looking at him, or what group is looking at him.

So maybe your parents will tell you that there are Santa Helpers or more than one Santa. And I can’t say that isn’t true since it is a viable theory. All I am saying is that is is very probable based on what we know of Santa’s magical essence that it is likely his appearance and the changes we perceive in them are inherent to his magical nature. I mean, really, which is More Likely? Am I right?

Just saying, Magic.

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