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Dating and Dating Apps

So I have dived into the dating world via dating apps. It is difficult for me given the horror of how my last relationship ended. But I seriously do not want to give that situation or person any more of my time or energy. It is also difficult because I read people really well in… Continue reading Dating and Dating Apps

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Reflection: Your best day ever: Your worse day ever

I am lumping two prompts together here because I have a crappy memory so... having a hard time picking something for this. Worst day ever The human brain is designed to remember negative things better than positive things. Mainly because we are animals and as such we are focused on survival. And maybe that doesn't… Continue reading Reflection: Your best day ever: Your worse day ever

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Reflections: Nostalgia, relationships and boundaries

This prompt found on the Daily Om is about reminiscing. There is nothing wrong with nostalgia as long as we don't get fixated on the past with rose coloured glasses. But it's fine to reflect on times in your life you remember fondly. Or specific memories even that make you feel good. Our brain is awesome at… Continue reading Reflections: Nostalgia, relationships and boundaries

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Being single now and the idea of dating

I haven't dated for over 20 years so I really have no concept of online dating. I could ask my ex since he never really stopped dating among other things. But, well, I definitely was monogamous and clueless to online dating. Clueless to flirting. Clueless to dating overall now. My aunt walked me though some… Continue reading Being single now and the idea of dating


Cyberstalking- apparently, it’s a lifestyle

I don't recall mentioning that we are enduring a long-term cyberstalking/hacking issue in our household. Mostly I never mentioned it because it seems to me these sorts of people must thrive on negative attention. Like they must have been severely deprived of attention in their lives such that they create situations of negative attention and… Continue reading Cyberstalking- apparently, it’s a lifestyle

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Rocket Book

I have been insanely forgetful since having sort-of-kinda-maybe recovered from COVID. And I keep writing things down to remember on random notepads... and then promptly forget it exists Or I can't find where I wrote it down. So this system is really not working for me. Not saying my memory was grand pre-COVID infection. I… Continue reading Rocket Book