365 Days of Questions: When times are hard

365 Questions, One Page Per Day: A One Year Self-Discovery Journal  How does worrying create problems? Well, for me, often I obsessively worry about problems I have absolutely no control over. If I can do nothing at all to control or change the outcome then it is a waste of brainpower to even worry about… Continue reading 365 Days of Questions: When times are hard

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Toxic Empathy

Being an empath or having a really high EQ (emotional intelligence) is very valuable in the world, although often ignored. But we are capable of completely understanding the emotional landscape we are in and the emotional reality of those around us. The big problem is that we attract those who have exceptionally low EQs and… Continue reading Toxic Empathy

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Reflection: Your best day ever: Your worse day ever

I am lumping two prompts together here because I have a crappy memory so... having a hard time picking something for this. Worst day ever The human brain is designed to remember negative things better than positive things. Mainly because we are animals and as such we are focused on survival. And maybe that doesn't… Continue reading Reflection: Your best day ever: Your worse day ever

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Reflections: Nostalgia, relationships and boundaries

This prompt found on the Daily Om is about reminiscing. There is nothing wrong with nostalgia as long as we don't get fixated on the past with rose coloured glasses. But it's fine to reflect on times in your life you remember fondly. Or specific memories even that make you feel good. Our brain is awesome at… Continue reading Reflections: Nostalgia, relationships and boundaries