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I’m a fantasy fiction writer. See my publications in the menu. I write under the penname Lil Hamilton. I chose to do that because for a decade I ran a blog and wrote non-fiction under my name. And maintaining social media for both was just easier with two distinct identities. But I have since closed that blog due health issues.

I have a passion for fantasy fiction writing. I love to read fantasy fiction as well. Or Absorb it. I may have a slight book hoarding problem.

On this blog, I blog about all things writing and random brain fluff floating around my head. Book reviews to short pieces to some poetry. I can have some excellent writing advice. See: Writing: How to get out of a ‘stuck’ scene

I am a freelance writer for Restlesslegssyndrome.sleep-disorders.net as RLS is one of the many health issues I am currently dealing with. I love writing for them and I’m glad I can still write in this area since I had to shutdown my blog. I do love advocating and writing in the chronic illness niche. It was simply a bit much to maintain the blog/social media/promotion on a consistent, reliable basis.

Here is a list of short fantasy fiction reads I have written:

Telepathy and Pizza
Guns and Unicorns

My spouse and I don’t have children. We prefer to be ignored, so we got cats. Now they own the house. You can check out my post on my writing pals.


I have been focusing a great deal on my art lately because as my health declined it was still something I could fully immerse myself in. So I was currently working on a portfolio site you can check out called Art of the Wyrd

Most of my work is expressionist. I love working in charcoal and sometimes charcoal mixed media with ink or pastels. But lately I am also exploring acrylics.

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If you need to contact me my email is:

For general inquiries and art: WyrdWayward@proton.me


10 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi. Just alerting you to my new medication that treats fibromyalgia as well as migraine – migraine either as a preventative or as an acute treatment. I see you’re on both Cymbalta and Lyrica, so I’ll assume you have no interest in a somewhat ‘different’ approach – but if ever you should want to try it (Banjo – my med) just give me a shout and I’ll send some out to you.

    Best wishes for a healthy, prosperous new year – Steve


  2. Hey Michelle, I appreciate and admire that you still write stories even if you get rejected…thats what true writers do. I love urban fantasy novel, they are really interesting. I would like to read your self-published books especially Blood lines but I cant seem to find the book to buy. Nevertheless, I’l read the chapters you have posted. By the way I have never read a book of relationships between vampires and witches except in Vampire Diaries by L.J.Smith. Maybe you could write a novel to do something of that sort of thing…there are alot urban fantasy readers that would love to read these kind of books like me, or you could write books about Angles or Dim Repears, there are some books on those kind of things but not much like Hush Hush, Fallen and Madison Avery series by Kim Harrison. Vampires are cool but there too common.

    Anyway keep up your dream as a successful bestselling writer whose books are on every bookstores shelves and keep hoping that an agent will accept you, because you never know, oneday your dreams will come true…remember never give up even if some people like Steve upset you because he does not know what a true writer is and your going to become one of them someday.


    1. Thank you Harmony. I do love the genre, that’s for sure and the series I am writing is not a vampire based one. This one though, I am doing as a self-publish rather than traditional because while it was fun to write, I don’t think I would have any takers on it. You should be able to purchase if you clink on the link below each post, or go under books. I agree that vampires are cool, but also common in the genre, sure do like reading them though. I am thinking of doing some research into demonology, and maybe get something along those lines after I finish the series I am on. Thank you for your post!


  3. Thanks Michelle, Demonology that sounds very interesting. I hope you find something along those lines….my favourite demon are the succubus like Georgina Kincaid by Richelle Meade.


  4. I’ve only just found your blog but I wanted to say good luck with your agent’s submissions. I’m a writer myself but haven’t even gotten to submitting anything yet, so I am looking forward (not) to receiving the standard numerous rejections all writers get in the beginning. Best of luck, love vampires myself (except for Twilight…ugh)


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