LED notepad

So I bought this thing. This LED notebook. And it is actually for kids. They have all sorts of kid styles. It doesn’t take much power and it erases easily so you never waste paper.

I got it as a quick notepad to jot things down. I thought it would be great for when I am working on something to have that along with my reusable schedule book RocketBook.

And it works great for that purpose. And random doodles since I do that a lot. But I question why I bought it when I have an insane obsession with notebooks and have a Lot of them I could use for this purpose. But I dig it. It works for when I am in the flow. And then I jot down what is important on one of my themed notebooks or put it into my phone, as the case may be.

I admit I’m a bit of a dork for this purchase but it’s working well for me


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