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Absentminded Cook

My cooking is a risky business, my friends. I am not the best of cooks but I get the job done, utilize everything fresh before it goes bad, and eat pretty healthy.

However, so far, living alone I have:

  • Set off the smoke alarm three times, at least.
  • Forgot I was cooking and burnt something about 4 times now.
  • And started a small fire. Just a small one.

Setting off the smoke alarm was my fault in one case. The case of forgetting I was cooking because I get distracted and focused by what I am doing- and burnt said thing. But the other two times it just went off because of the heat being produced and the location of the alarm. So I use my fans now to prevent that issue.

Forgetting I am cooking is pretty easy to do when you are intensely focused on something you are into to. And that happens to me a lot. I really tune out reality when I focus. And definitely don’t keep track of the passing time. I am starting to use the timer on my phone to prevent this from happening. Even at the best of times, not focusing on a damn thing, I have brainfog and since I am not that hungry these days it can be so easy to be absentminded when cooking.

The small fire I really have no idea how I managed that. Some piece of paper or something fell under the coils and I didn’t notice it, at all. I start to cook with that burner and when it was hot enough that piece of paper or whatnot burst into flames. So that was interesting. I snuffed it out with a pot lid.

So, yeah, not the best cook around. I’m clumsy, messy and forgetful which is just not a good combo for the cooking process at all. But I do cook well when I don’t forget what I’m doing.

Cooking for one is easy in the sense I can cook what I want and when I want it. It isn’t so easy in the sense I am used to cooking much larger portions. And figuring out what one portion is, is a bit tricky. Sometimes I end up with way too much but I don’t have a microwave so if I want to use those leftovers I have to heat them on the stove, in the stove, or with this toaster oven thing. And the toaster oven is a thing I have no idea what to do with. All I really make in it is melted sliced cheese on a piece of toast (this is the thing I most often forget I am doing).


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