The life

Living Alone

There is something about living alone I like. Must be the introvert in me. I think it maybe it is an interesting idea that everyone should live alone at some time in their lives.

Being as I have a disability I am dependent on my support system for many things. But also living along creates a certain level of independence that you can let thrive. Also you can cook whatever you want and whenever you want. Set up the space in any way you want. Do whatever you want. Without having to consider other people- which let’s face it, is something I do too much of.

Today I built this nightstand. And I am pretty impressed with myself. Not that it was hard to build, but that I did it.

I chose it because it was on sale and the price was right for my tight budget. But Also because of the ones they had on sale this one matches my bed perfectly.

Also there is a sort of quiet peace living alone. Giving a person time to reflect or meditate or dance like no one is looking.


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