Beginning stage of a project

Reflection: Your best day ever: Your worse day ever

I am lumping two prompts together here because I have a crappy memory so… having a hard time picking something for this.

Worst day ever

The human brain is designed to remember negative things better than positive things. Mainly because we are animals and as such we are focused on survival. And maybe that doesn’t mean the same thing anymore, at the moment, but our brains don’t know that. All our brain understands is that a negative event could have posed some sort of danger that we Must Remember so we do not have it happen again.

So it isn’t hard for me to come up with a whole list of craptastic days. The day I found out my step-brother had died. This one day I went to the hospital to visit my youngest brother the first time he had leukemia is definitely one of those days too- It wasn’t just his suffering which I would have taken from him in a heartbeat but also the pain reflected in my step-mother and father’s eyes. I have experienced some traumas as well that definitely make the crappy list. Those are always life-altering in one way or the other. The days I had to put my cats down because they were too sick (a couple years apart) comes immediately to mind. Extremely painful. And some recent events also make the list but I don’t even feel the need to express what those were- as I have no intention on dwelling on negative events which caused me to drastically change my life. Because I fixed the problem by, well, drastically changing my life. That a lot of recent days in the last five years.

And with chronic pain and health issues… whoo, I have had some killer pain days. Weeks. Years. Definitely makes the crappy top ten but that is a Lot of days. I prefer not to contemplate how many days. Because it is sucky to think about that.

But the day that is the worst day ever is hard to pick. They all had different levels of bad in there. As in, pain is different than grief. Although both can endure for a long time- they are not the same thing, but equally a terrible day.

So I am not going to pick the suckiest of the sucky. Besides, wouldn’t fate just go ‘OH you thought that was BAD? Let me show you so much worse.’ No thank you.

The best day Ever

I should be able to define a day that was the awesomest ever but I have a knack for really being forgetful. I am not even sure I remember my best day ever. Oddly enough.

There are some trips I have taken- which were longer than a day, that include some of my best memories. Scotland being the top one. I really had a blast on those two trips there- at entirely different ages.

When I graduated with my B.A. and then again when I graduated with my M.A. both are high on the list. For that specific time in my life. And accomplishment wise.

Particular years of my life also stand out as pretty awesome. Involving a lot of change usually but change that was exciting and lead to great things.

I don’t have children so the birth of my non-existent child is not on this list. I have never been married so my wedding or some anniversary also can’t make the cut. And these are the sort of memorable, emotion, transitional events that do make such a list usually. It is generally a new beginning or transition that sticks out. Which is why I put my university graduations on the list. But transitional years also really count too.

There are some accomplishments like writing my first book or learning to draw that are really put there too but certainly neither of those was one day.

Lot of accumulated awesome days and years.

I guess you can say my life has had some pretty good high points and a lot of low ones. But it is the mix of all these that make a compassionate, empathetic person. You can’t go back and change it. And if you did, you would change the person you are.


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