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And so it is again: Valentine’s Day

I’m not one for Valentine’s day. Said it before, I’ll say it again. This sort of forced corporate romance. Also, not really a romantic Person.

However, my boyfriend is. You know those love languages things. His would be gift giving and affirmations. That is meaningful to him. So the flowers, chocolates and a card are a big deal to him which means a big deal to me because of him. That is just how it works. Whatever love language I have, that isn’t it. But I value and apricate his.

I have nothing against flowers and they do liven up a room. So nothing Wrong with them really. It is just a holiday if we skipped it… wouldn’t bother me. Or if we did something weird and fun, I’d like that. Or if we chilled and did something fun, I’d like that too. Around the day perhaps, not on the day, because it is so overpriced and idiotic. But again, I think doing something special with your loved one on a regular basis sort of is a Meaningful thing to do. Screw this One day of the year your supposed to roll out the romance. And not Romance… but rather corporate romance – what we have been sold to believe women want.

I adore that my boyfriend is happy when he buys me flowers. I like that more than anything else. I love that he loves to give me a gushy card. If I get one, I get a funny one, but that is just how I roll. I love his gifts because I know that is how he expresses I am important to him. And I have grown to rather like flowers. Never did when I was younger, ‘Hey look, dying flowers’. But now I do rather like them since I have discovered I can’t have a plant anywhere in the house that I will not kill…. sort of nice to have some flowers for colour.

And, well, chocolate is Never wrong. At any time. Ever.

Anyway, we have been together for 23 years. At this point for Valentine’s Day we should:

  • Give each other a High Five! Made it!
  • Just have a nap at the same time to celebrate
  • Swap cards, say ‘love ya’ and carry on.
  • Weird, massive elaborate gesture for no reason. And then one up each other each year.
  • Get into wearing costumes on Valentin’s Day
  • Write horrible poetry to each other

Outside of the pandemic I would have asked him if we could have Done something this Valentine’s day. Had some fun out and about. I am antsy in the pantsy from not being able to see friends and family or socialize. I definitely will make up for it when this all settles down as much as it will settle down… if it does… Man, I hope it does.

All that really matters is Time spent with the people you love, now more than ever. Any day. Every day. Not this specific day.

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