Poem: Believe what you will

Poem I wrote a few months back when people seemed to be going nutty and now I am sure people are going quite nutty.

It is fine to have beliefs as long as you know they are beliefs. And most of our beliefs are fragile things based on emotions and fragile emotional reasoning at their core. Often we change and adapt them with time… or should based on new information. This anti-fact, anti-science, anti-expert world is getting strange to me.

Believe what you will poem
Believe what you will

You could be right
That could be true
The moon is hollow
The earth is flat
Maybe all that 

Viruses are lies 
Their vaccines too
Facts are all disguised
Science made to trick you

I won't say you're wrong
So tired of that song
Believe what you will
Make the world stand still

But you could be wrong too.
Ever contemplate that notion?
Or is that beyond you?
Too into your conditioned emotion?

Believe what you will
Blind to every fact
Hold the world still
While we all think your quite cracked

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