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Dating and Dating Apps

So I have dived into the dating world via dating apps. It is difficult for me given the horror of how my last relationship ended. But I seriously do not want to give that situation or person any more of my time or energy. It is also difficult because I read people really well in… Continue reading Dating and Dating Apps

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Reflections: Nostalgia, relationships and boundaries

This prompt found on the Daily Om is about reminiscing. There is nothing wrong with nostalgia as long as we don't get fixated on the past with rose coloured glasses. But it's fine to reflect on times in your life you remember fondly. Or specific memories even that make you feel good. Our brain is awesome at… Continue reading Reflections: Nostalgia, relationships and boundaries

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356 Days of Questions: the authentic self

365 Questions, One Page Per Day: A One Year Self-Discovery Journal  Day 90: Write down three things you do to train your authentic self expression I think the only thing that has ever constrained my authentic self was my professional career because of society's ideas of what a professional woman in the role ought to… Continue reading 356 Days of Questions: the authentic self

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365 days of questions: the struggle

365 Questions, One Page Per Day: A One Year Self-Discovery Journal  DAY 15: In what areas of your life are you struggling most and why? So this question is a bit of a drag to think about because I am having some difficulties in a lot of areas. So... welcome to my pity party post!… Continue reading 365 days of questions: the struggle

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Purpose and Meaning in life

I was talking to someone who felt like they had no purpose and meaning in life which I am sure we have at all, at one time or another, related to. Certainly, with chronic pain and vertigo being disabled you sort of struggle with that sense of purpose when you lose a lot of functionality.… Continue reading Purpose and Meaning in life

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TL;DR Too long, Didn’t read

I'm afraid I'm not the TL;DR generation. I want information. I'm the sort of person that finds something mildly intriguing and then takes a massive deep dive into research to find out way more about it. Just because. Like some sort of weirdo who likes to read and learn new things. Almost obsessively. And I… Continue reading TL;DR Too long, Didn’t read