My cat Franky
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My writing pals

Cats my writing pals

It is National Pet Day! Woot!

I have three cats myself, which is plenty trouble right there. We are outnumbered by our cats. That is never a good sign. They are my writing pals. And my reading pals. And snuggle bugs.

My cat writing pals:


My cat charlie

He is about 8. Slightly obese. You have to fight for your food at the table because he Needs it. Whatever you are eating he Needs. Due to classical conditioning when he sees my spouse take the mustard out of the fridge he is all over that situation because he has learned mustard means meat. He also angry pees. Yeah. Gave him a bath and he came to snuggle on my lap (or so I thought), sat on me, and peed On Me. He is the only one allowed in the bedroom at night. Because a) he has his sleepy spot in the dresser and b) if he comes on the bed he just sleeps above you on the pillow and Does Not poke you in the face like the other two. He meows when he is ready to leave, for his bathroom break, and that is usually when my spouse gets up anyway.


My cat Bobby

Bobby is about 11 years old now. He is all gray except for a wee speckle of white hair on his chest. Also, he is insanely silky. When you snuggle with him his favorite thing to do is poke you in the face. Just as encouragement. He is very skittish of other people and storms. There was one time we moved new furniture into the house and then later had a thunderstorm. We couldn’t find him anywhere and thought he escaped. We posted it all over online. Turns out for three days he was hiding in the rafters in the basement. Three days! His food and litter are down there so I assume he used them. But we never saw him. He also is the sort of cat that will get in front of your book, in front of your smartphone, and on your newspaper.


My cat Franky

Franky is 15 years old. Old man. He has the beginnings of kidney disease and other health issues. But he is still doing well. He is very affectionate. Even with strangers. But when he snuggles it is very much on His terms. He hates being manhandled. He is also restless when you pet him. He doesn’t tend to get all snuggled down. But paces your lap insisting you pet him without distraction. He is the one that taught Bobby the whole poke in the face deal. If you Don’t pet him he will gently tap you with his paw.

Charlie and Bobby are my cat writing pals. They are the ones that come visit me on the computer, sit in my lap, and demand pets. Charlie meows at me if I ignore him too long as well. He also has a fondness for walking on the keyboard.




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