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Writing: How to get out of a ‘stuck’ scene

Writer's block and writing how to get out of a stuck scene

So the scene is going well but then you just stagnant and get ‘stuck’. What will make this flow? What will carry me forth into the next chapter? It is writer’s block. It is how do I even get to the next chapter from here. I have been there. This scene is just going nowhere fast, sort of deal. Well, I will tell you some perfect ways.

When you have writer’s block on a scene, here are ways to overcome it

Kill someone

Yes, randomly kill someone off. Make your character go spontaneously crazy. I don’t care if it is a romance or fantasy… kill someone. Preferably as gruesome as humanly possible. Because I’d read the hell out of that.

Natural disaster

There was a long pause in the conversation when… the tornado hit. Mass panic everywhere! Why didn’t we have any Warning, for the love of God! And chaos ensues.

Tragic accident

And then the car hit him. Or the piano fell on him. Or a vortex into another plane of existence consumed him. Or his foot fell off. Just plain fell right off. Mid-conversation.

Break the book wall

Switch to just italics and write as the writer writing the story for a good paragraph or two. Hell, make it a chapter. As I ponder my writer’s block I smoke my last cigarette and stare, despondent, at the screen. It mocks me.  

A plague

It Was a romance but now it is about the plague that started the zombie apocalypse. And it begins with a cough. Or a sneeze. Better go with a sneeze, that is far more contagious. Have your character sneeze on the other character. And so it begins.


And those are the perfect ways to get past writer’s block on a stuck scene. Now, go forth and conquer that novel! Feel free to incorporate one or more of these suggestions at once.

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