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Dream Time: The Elf

Dream time: the elf

So I remember a lot of my dreams due to poor sleep quality. I had a few last night. But the one before waking is obviously the most vivid in my mind.

Dream time

So in this dream which was a long one we have an Elven society that is rather brutal. They have enslaved some humans, of which my character was one. A lot of implied history of abuse in the dream, so not like I wanted to stay in the situation. As a slave might expect really. Any minor infraction and there was punishment. They use portals to other dimensions for travel and trade. And I was trying to find one to escape because prior to my being enslaved I had traveled to a few other worlds, and felt that I could safely get my way back if I recognized the world the portal was set to. Or if I could figure out how to set it.

I found one but was interrupted by an Elf there for trade talks. They didn’t believe in slavery but he wasn’t about to let me escape either. The scene glitches and we have this argument by a lake at night. I feel he had no right to prevent me given what I was enduring. I jump into the lake and swim out. I remember just not caring whether I reach the other side but midway I put more effort into it. This sort of turning of thoughts that I had every right to try and survive. I remember the cold of the water. The waves from the wind. But I get to the other side and so does he. He agrees not to prevent me from trying again.

I woke up but I went back into it. This time getting into that portal and into another world. Dream turns a bit fragmented and very sci-fi at that point. However, I get captured and taken back. At which there is an implied price to be paid, but I do not experience it. Perspective switches to the owner Elf and the Elf that I had been talking to. The one I had been talking to want to buy me. But the owner says there is something unique about my DNA which he believes makes me valuable.

And then I really do wake up.

It was actually a pretty fun one. The character I was… pretty interesting. Angry, crafty, and willing to fight for freedom. The Elf that prevented me from leaving your typical ‘I don’t believe it is Right but it is none of my business either’ sort of person. Not his customs and he had a trade deal to protect, so he wasn’t going to do anything to mess that up. The owner of my character very arrogant, cold, and quite uncaring… towards me anyway. For the scenes he was in. Quite clearly the ‘leader’ of the household and I was quite obviously just property.

Not going to lie, I have weird dreams. But don’t we all? I do love the fun fantasy adventure ones though.

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