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Dream time: Oh that one again

Dream time- teeth falling out

Time for a really common dream people have and I have had more than a few times.

Dream time

The dream? Your teeth are falling out! Ahhhhhhhh

So I dreamed I was in bed and I felt a crunch in my mouth. I knew it was my tooth because I have felt this before. When I was a kid I cracked my two front teeth on a teeter-totter so I know the feeling of pieces of teeth in the mouth. Or at least I did in the dream. Like a dawning awareness of oh damn that is a tooth. I used my tongue to feel around and on the left side, an entire tooth was missing.

I panic and scramble out of bed. For some reason, my mom is there and the situation gets worse as I realize all the teeth on the right side are Gone. I show her the inside of my mouth. ‘Oh,’ she says, ‘Yes, your teeth are missing.’ What?! Yes, they are Gone! I am frantic. I must see a dentist stat!

And end scene.

Why we get these dreams I have no idea. I have had them crumble in dreams. Just fall apart like they are decaying before my eyes. It is freaky. No need for a dream interpretation that time. My spouse had the day before been chewing gum and a piece of his tooth literally fell off… no, I didn’t know what was possible. And my dreaming mind gave me that dream as a result.

But last night who knows?

You look it up in ‘dream interpretation’ online and you get anything from a time of transition, insecurity, or feeling a loss, and even the fear of aging. So… I have no clue.

I’m just going to say this is not a fun damn dream to have.

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