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The Migraine Attack

Laid out from migraine attack

I’m a disabled writer. I have mentioned it. I have fibromyalgia, chronic migraine with aura and chronic vertigo. So I have to write at peak times before the dizziness gets severe from the vestibular disorder. But, pain, is another thing altogether. It fluctuates. And varies. And then smacks you up side the head and you are down for the count as long as it wants you to be.

The four day migraine

The average migraine attack lasts between 4 hours to 3 days. When it lasts Longer than that, acutely and non-responsive to treatment, it is called a status migraine. That raises your risk of stroke and heart attack. You are supposed to go to the ER but if you have ever been to the ER with a migraine attack you will know they are a bunch of dicks about it 85% of the time and the wait time is about 7-10 hours because you are low on the list. And no one in their right mind with a migraine attack wants to be in a loud, insanely bright environment for 7-10 hours with a violent migraine – when they may or may not get effective treatment at the end of that wait.

So yeah my migraine went status. And no, I certainly did not go to the ER. Been there. Done that. I will if it gets to 5-7 days because by then I am so tired and well out of pain tolerance- sometimes I will. But four days I just let it ride. Laid out. In the darkest as possible environment I can create. Cool if I can manage it. Ice packs… I have 3 I rotate. And just hope it runs its course.


So I have done pretty much dick all these last 4 days. I tried to do a little but the pain was just too much. And the light sensitivity. And the nausea. And the fatigue. And and and. So I would try and just Not. So nada. Lot of rest in the dark wishing I could distract myself from the pain somehow. Social media helped a little. Because you do not need to think much to flip through social media on a dimmed screen.

I don’t like this feeling of non-activity. But it happens. Bad pain streaks happen. And you just have to rest. Just the way it is. And when the pain goes back to, well, the normal pain of every day migraine attacks and fibromyalgia pain then I have times in the day where I can function a little as long as I pace and stay within my limits. Such is the life. Live in the pain gaps, I always say.

But it has dissipated finally and I can get back to variable pain levels.

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4 thoughts on “The Migraine Attack”

  1. Pain is the bane of my existence! I have a pail full of different types of pain that vary depending on where in my body they occur and the time of day. Thankfully I don’t get many headaches and never get migraines. The neuralgia I’m currently experiencing in my back and legs has me begging for mercy at times. Not even a quadruple dose of hydromorphone touches it. So now I’ve started taking my usual dose of hydromorphone but if I get into a lot of pain during the night I’ll take two or three T3s to mix things up. So far that seems to work the best. We’ll see how long that lasts as a strategy. I would take Ibuprofen but I have only one kidney and it’s contraindicated in my situation.

    In any case, I read your blog and feel for you. I’m not particularly attracted to your genre of writing, but I sure applaud you for doing it, and for not letting your disability render you completely non-functioning. I really admire your courage and determination.

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    1. Thank you, uncle Roger! I try to do things to distract myself from the pain when it at a level where I can. I’m so sorry you are dealing with so much pain yourself… it is a brutal battle to endure for any length of time and it really gets to you on many levels. I’m on tramadol but it doesn’t seem to do much of anything but better than nothing. Edibles are helping some though.


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