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When you are absent-minded

I have always been absent-minded. Just a personality trait. I live more in my head than in the real world and so the real world can sort of suddenly surprise me. I never minded it much but in a sense I think it rather annoys Other people.

When you're absent-minded

So here are some of the ways I am absent-minded:

  • When did that shop open? Two years ago? Oh. And it is closing? Well.
  • You never remember names. You hear them and they disappear into the black hole of your brain. Sometimes it takes up to a year or more to remember someone’s name
  • I have actually walked right into a Wall when I was thinking about something
  • You have insomnia because your brain doesn’t shut down for sleep… it actually gears up with a billion thoughts.
  • Someone can be flirting with you for an hour before you actually realize they are flirting with you… and then how do you back out of the situation?
  • You leave the house and lock the door knob but not the dead bolt, get into the car, realize you forgot your keys… go back to the house, realize you have locked yourself out of the house.
  • Here a ding when driving and realize you are almost out of gas with no gas station nearby (for the 15th time that year)
  • Are having a conversation and they mention something which triggers a series of thoughts and you pay only half attention to what they are saying until they ask a question and you have no idea what it is.
  • You see someone out of context and have no idea who they are. So you see them every damn day at work… but see them at Walmart and nope your brain had no clue who that person is.
  • Walked into a room and completely forgotten why.
  • Walked. And thought. Walked and thought. Wait. Where the hell am I now?
  • You wrote down your appointment time on a sticky note and the promptly forgot about its existence until they phoned you to remind you… and now you are double booked for 2 appointments or so says the 2 separate sticky notes in different places in the house
  • You attempt to be organized with apps, calendars, notepads and then forget to use them all.
  • You have actually gone into work at the wrong time on Daylight Savings because you forgot it was Daylight Savings. And you have actually gone to work on a day off because you forgot what day it was and thought you worked.
  • Routinely forget what day it is. Takes you half the year to remember what year it is. Sometimes forget what month it is.
  • Thank that ALMIGHTY Facebook that reminds you of people’s birthdays.
  • When deep in thought you drove over that stupid one way bridge ending up on the wrong side of the city without knowing where the bridge to get back was. (pre-GPS… Thank the ALMIGHTY GPS)
  • When you are deep in thought and realize someone has been talking to you for some indefinite time and you have no clue what they have said.
  • You put something somewhere safe and never ever see it again

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6 thoughts on “When you are absent-minded”

  1. I relate to almost all of those. It’s even harder to have that trait and be a parent. Forcing yourself to be on your game is tough.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I can’t have them since my spouse in unable to but you are likely right. Most parents just figure it out along the way and the rest is instinct anyway. I would have muddled along fine. πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

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