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Progress Report: Sorcery

Progress report-Sorcery (2)

I have finished the novel. And I am now entering the slow editing phase. Bit by bit it is getting there.

I also wrote a blurb for myself. Not The Blurb. But a blurb:

This is a book about sorcery. Sorcery that has always lived in the world. However, few of them are around due to the betrayal and slaughter by wizards. And now with the Alignment between realms once more wizards are born to the world again. The fae can slide into our world. Vampires and shape-shifters have been created again. Old magic can be found again. And only sorcerers know the truth about the Alignment. But the old magic has been found in Coldbrooke and Irelynne Chedaka has encountered it in a murder investigation involving witches and wizards.


And it occurred to me it is time to replace my holder title with an actual title.

And I suck at titles.

I was thinking:

  • The Alignment
  • Eternal return
  • That sorcerer chick
  • Sorcery n’ stuff


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