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Ways you know I’m an introvert

Ways to know you are an introvert.

I like being an introvert. I like being considerate of my words and being introspective. I love the introverted hobbies I have; writing, blogging, and reading. I can completely entertain myself for long periods of time. I can be alone but not lonely. I prefer small groups of people to hang with and that is cool. Better to have a conversation. I know how to have fun, I know how to socialize, and I learned the skill of idle chit-chat out of necessity but I feel better at home doing my own thing. The world can tire me at times. And my zen zone is alone. Or with my spouse. A fellow introvert. Or just a small group of good people.

But there are ways you can tell I’m an introvert.

I am fine not leaving the house

I have all my entertainment in the house. Netflix, books, and my writing. I may never leave the house again.


I have a lot of online friends

Not going to lie, I don’t have many good friends but a lot of online friends. Because I spend 90% of the time at home. And those are friends. Online friends count to an introvert. They are meaningful. But there isn’t a crowd of them around you, and this is good.


If you bring me to a party I’ll stick to who I know

I’m not good with large crowds. Or a lot of people. You bring me to a party and I’ll stick to you like glue. If you wander off, you’ll find me in the corner you left me in. Hovering uncertainly and not sure what to do.


I am introspective

I’ll think about all sorts of things but I often ponder my own thinking, personality, my many flaws, and why I respond in certain ways to certain situations. Also what I said two years ago to someone. Or what I Didn’t say.


You come to my house without texting? I’m not answering.

Basically, I don’t like company I’m not expecting. And I rarely answer the door because it is always someone selling something. And I am way too polite to shut them down which ends up with me almost buying something to shut them up. Anyway, I need to mentally prepare for people to be at the house. For company. Get in the right head-space.


I loathe talking on the phone

Texting was the best damn invention ever for me. I loathe talking on the phone when I cannot see someone’s expression. I do really think it is the lack of visual cues. But it could be just that I seem to ramble when on the phone to fill the air and I don’t like that.


Louder doesn’t mean right

I cannot stand that the loudest person in the room gets attention. They speak louder as if that makes them right about something. Facts make you right. But a lot of people are really loose with facts. And exaggerate. I love to exaggerate for the sake of humor, but other times it is useless.


Why do people always comment on how quiet we are?

People think my spouse is angry because he is quiet. He is just quiet. He doesn’t chat too much and certainly not in environments where he is uncomfortable. Same happens to me. If I am quiet people think there is something wrong. I just don’t feel in the mood to talk. Or have nothing to say.


I know a lot of strange facts

I know a lot of strange facts from reading weird things that interest me. Pretty much my conversation style is ‘I read somewhere…’ or ‘You know I read something interesting about that.’ I know this fellow that got irked I knew certain words in a game. Sorry for knowing them! Words are my forte. I pick up strange things. And remember them. Useless stuff mostly or intriguing things to me anyway.


I’m not great at being the center of attention

I have a fear of public speaking. But the fact is, if a room is paying attention to just me I’ll crack a joke to ease my tension. I don’t like people paying too much attention to me. One reason I never liked job interviews, especially those with more than one person. Stop staring at me! Man, give me a moment to think for a second.

As an introvert, I like writing and blogging over talking on the phone or talking to people.

Writing is such a great way to communicate. You can think about what you have to say. And say it without interruption. Next would be talking to people one-on-one. Or a small group. Talking so you can see their facial expressions. Which is why talking on the phone is the worst way to communicate. I have this interview I should do, but it is always over the phone and I loathe that. I wonder if they will just let me write out the questions and send them it? You think? Yeah, not likely.


Being an introvert rocks though. I wouldn’t want to be any different. I like that about me. So Rock your introverted self.


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2 thoughts on “Ways you know I’m an introvert”

  1. You just completely described me! Yes, Facebook friends are the best friends I’ve got. Since I live in a high drama family, I tend not to talk-or text even-with family members. I know it’s rude but I really don’t like them and one time they are discussing books with you and the next thing you know her husband is addicted to pain killers and after 50 texts on this subject I blocked her number. That is just way too much “socializing” for me, especially the drama kind.

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