Content of an author blog

Content of an author blog

So you have an author blog as step one to your author platform. This is a good thing.

Apparently for an author platform you actually have to have content on your author blog to build an audience. I was blogging whimsically. But that is a no. So I have been blogging regularly on here.

Here is the thing. I have read on a few sites that you have to stick to the topic at hand on your author blog. Write about your books, your work in progress, and your genre and nothing more.

I run out of things to say when it comes to that. My books are awesome. Read my books. And posts like that cannot be done frequently. I like to explore content. I want my readers to explore things too.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with writing about other things. Write about writing. Book reviews. Writing-related topics that are not specifically your book related.

I’d avoid ranting on random topics though. Yeah, I’m nutbars, but no one needs to know that. It’s a secret. That I just shared.

Things I will write about:

  • Random brain fluff that occurs to me when I am trying to sleep.
  • About writing articles
  • Book reviews
  • My cats
  • Whimsical thoughts
  • Why I am not writing
  • Wicked dreams I have
  • Awesome writing tips
  • On my plot to take over the world
  • Progress on my robot body
  • More on my cats
  • Also book promotion, of course
  • Seriously, serious stuff.
  • Cover designs I am coming up with

That and more. It is about me as a writer. As a writer, I think some thoughts, man, a lot of thoughts. Obviously, as an author, you do want to talk about your writing on what is literally your author blog. This isn’t your other blog about collecting doll heads or what not. Not that I collect doll heads. That would be disturbing on a level I don’t want to think about. Unless that is your thing. Not judging.

Anyway, that is the whole point. Promoting your existing work and talking about the next novel. But the occasional post about something actually happening in your life isn’t a mistake. I say, let your personality shine through a bit. Why not? If you are blogging to make people aware of you as a writer why would it be a mistake to let people understand a bit on who you are as a person?

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