Prompt: Your last dream

d88ddf016e37b4c37aa09b9875f69fdeI had a nightmare when stressed about work. In the nightmare I remember I was trying desperately to get to someone. Not clear on who. However, the floor became like quicksand beneath me. It would absorb my foot all the way up above the knee. I would struggle to get that leg out then the next one would be sucked under. It reminds me a lot of slow motion vertigo. With vertigo you get a sensation of falling. The ground feels soft, unstable and moving and then abruptly one leg will feel like it is falling through the ground. Except in this dream it was being sucked into the ground. I remember being immensely frustrated by this. Not afraid. Just frustrated because it was slowing me down so much. Oddly enough I didn’t question the fact I was sinking into the ground as very unlikely to happen. The dream was a very vivid one. It seemed very real at the time. I remember a lot of my dreams and sometimes when they do not feel real I will get this weird sense and drag myself awake. Not this time. I was totally cool with the idea of me sinking into the ground as a possibility in the world. I woke up quite suddenly from it though, because I believed I was late. I believe that startled me awake. At 4am.


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