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365 Days of questions: Bored?

365 Questions, One Page Per Day: A One Year Self-Discovery Journal  Day 87: What is your favourite way to deal with boredom? And what are three better ways? Well, I am not someone who has a problem with boredom. I am someone who has a problem with too many hobbies. And I'm also someone who… Continue reading 365 Days of questions: Bored?

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A short: Telepathy and pizza

Prompt Kittens, pizza, saltine crackers, telepathy, a radio contest, magic, a six-pack of beer, and existential angst. The kittens in the box were making quite the noise for kittens. Sounded like I was starving them, but I wasn’t. I bought Fancy Feast for rioting little furballs. Fancy Feast. I could have bought something dull and… Continue reading A short: Telepathy and pizza