What writers want for Christmas

So we are writers. We are a little weird. We seclude ourselves for long periods of time and mumble about plotlines. And have imaginary chats with our characters. We may be hard to buy for but not as much as you think.

What Writers want for Christmas

Things to get your writer friends for the holidays!

  1. Pens. We have 50,000 pens. But one more pen is a glorious thing. Just in case. Because we are always losing pens
  2. Notebooks. We have ideas, man. A lot of ideas and notebooks are the way to go! Also, online note-taking apps. But also paper notebooks. A lot of them
  3. Books. But do not buy us A book because we likely read it. Let’s be honest we read everything in site. So a gift card for books!
  4. Some alone time. Because we like it. And then we Must write.
  5. Pizza. Because we were writing all day and now we need sustenance but not sustenance we have to actually make.
  6. A new Laptop! Yeah! Hell Yeah! 
  7. Listen to us tell you about our story. Without yawning. Without giving us that ‘blank look’. Avid attention.
  8. Bookshelves. Because the ones we have are stuffed. Overstuffed. The shelves may collapse under the pressure.
  9. An electronic reading device like a Kindle. Because when we run out of our ‘pending’ book stack we need immediate gratification of a new book. And then we can accidentally download several of them.
  10. A massive amount of decorations. Family. Friends. And feed us because we forgot to earlier
  11. Read our books. You know that would be awesome the people we knew read our books. Or if you don’t know us… read our books
  12. Review our books once you read them. On Amazon, if we do not know you or Goodreads if we do. 

I love these small notebooks. One for every novel. They are perfect. I find them at Chapters bookstore or Amazon

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8 thoughts on “What writers want for Christmas”

      1. I have a series of 6 books with 8 reviews. And that series has been up for years. More on Goodreads though which is nice.
        It is something we cannot control


  1. Agree with all on your list except the Kindle. Got to keep those bricks and mortar book sellers in business. Also, you say it’s hard to get reviews…..it’s also hard to get likes, followers and comments on blogposts…..sometimes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah very much so. But I don’t mind the Kindle… I do prefer paper a lot more though. But then I run out of my stack and I will totally buy a few quick reads on the Kindle.


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