Dream time: a place of art

Dream time-a place of art


This is the best damn dream I have had in a while. For several reasons.

Set the scene:

It was winter, in a foreign city somewhere I had never been before. I was wandering by myself in a very explorative mood.

The art:

I came across this art. This wall art. The first a cat. Pastel blue, looking outward and standing on all fours. Very much a cubic style.

Very similar to this (source) but in a dark and pastel blue. (this image, by the way, I rather like. And when a google imaged I also am fond of the style)

The next a robot made of blocks with like several books for a neck. And its head slightly cocked.

The room:

And then there was a door in the wall. Slightly ajar. I walk in and it is this massive room entirely made of wooden sections. But immersed in there, randomly, was a vivid block of this pattern in the wood. The room was cavernous with an arched ceiling.

I walk inward and the ceiling lowers in this undulating pattern.

I see light coming from one room. When I enter it is this spiral going up and to the side, entirely in books. All with the spine facing outward. Just an immense spiral.

I am aware of the fact the same person who painted the wall images is the same person who designed this space. And I am in awe of it.

Then, unfortunately, I begin to lucid dream and was led on another adventure involving the rest of the city.

But the emotional sensations of this dream stuck with me. This carefree exploration. This sense of just being spontaneous in my exploration. And finding this place of art that struck me.

Maybe it is an actual dream about creative inspiration. I have no idea. But I enjoyed the trip.


4 thoughts on “Dream time: a place of art”

  1. Sorry for “crossing the streams” between your writing blog and your chronic illness blog, but since this post was about dreaming, I remembered a question I wanted to ask a fellow chronic pain patient: in your dreams, do you have your illness, or are you a healthy, pain-free version of yourself? I find that since becoming ill, I have a very difficult time remembering my dreams period, but when I do, I’ve noticed that within my dreams, I am always pain-free and healthy–a “snapshot” of my old, pre-2014 self. I don’t know if that’s just because there’s a lower level of detail in my dreams, wishful thinking, or my mind’s way of giving me a “break” from waking life in constant pain. I find it odd and notable, though, since my illness is such a constant, inescapable part of my waking life.

    So if you’re comfortable answering, do you find yourself magically healthy/cured within your dreams, or does your mind keep you sick? Sorry if the question is offensive, I just find it interesting that my own mind would apparently “choose” to filter out my illness experience from my dreams, and wondered if others had similar experiences.

    Sounds like a sweet dream, by the way!

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    1. I remember a lot of dreams because I have fractured sleep. So that does make it interesting. I have wild dreams. But I rarely am ‘me’ in them. I am some character. When I am me, I am a healthy me. Unless it is a nightmare. Like with this vertigo I have had dreams where I am trying to go somewhere but I keep falling down from the vertigo and I can’t even make it a few steps before I fall again, usually being mocked by someone else in the dream. I think because I fear the lack of functionality and also that people do not understand the severity.

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      1. That is super interesting! I’m sorry about the fractured sleep, though! I had a similar issue until I went on Clonazepam, which my doctor just told me today the Gov is cracking down on and may not be available in the future. So I may soon be joining you in the world of fractured sleep.

        I also have dreams in which I am not “me.” Are you ever a completely different race or gender in your dreams? Sometimes I am. I find it so interesting, and in the dream it doesn’t seem out of the ordinary at all. Also, the fact that you’re usually a healthy “you,” except for in nightmares. The mind is truly fascinating and I wish I had studied psychology in the hope of better understanding it, even a little.

        Thanks for sharing the additional dream insight!

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      2. Yeah I can be any sort of person when it isn’t ‘me’. It is fascinating. Dreams are just an intriguing subject to me. I have read several theories about them but really we do not know their function, if there is one. But then again what do we even know about consciousness period, eh? Let alone the depths of our subconscious. I once read a book that said 95% of thought is subconscious.

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