This poor blogger wonders…

I think one frustration about being a blogger is that you get offers to blog for other people. They love your writing. They think it is fantastic. It would work perfect for their site! Awesome. They would love for you to come work for them.

For free.

This is my other blog by the way. I run a long running health blog. Have had it for many years. And I work hard on it. I would love to be a blogger in that field.

Not for free.

What is it about people that they expect writing services and effort for free? Oh, you get exposure. To some extent that is valid for some deals. For some, the effort is not worth the return. For this most recent deal I think I will take it because they offered a compromise.  That is taking existing posts which can be modified slight to fit the right structure and used and then I still get exposure. However for others I have worked it was a regular gig and I put a lot of effort into them, but got no return. It was fine when I was on long term leave from work. Not so fine when I need an income.

Don’t get me wrong. I am flattered people like my work. Always flattered. However, also poor.


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