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I have written several books. Blog on two blogs. And I have made every single error you actually make. So, really, I learned the hard way so you don’t have to. And I have some superior tips and advice for you guys.

The best of the bestest writing advice, tips, and pointers

  1. How not to write a book
  2. When to kill a character
  3. 9 ways to boost creativity
  4. How you know you are a writer
  5. Writing: What pets to put into your fantasy
  6. Writing: How to get out of a stuck scene
  7. Writer confessions
  8. Are you sure you’re not a fictional character
  9. 20 Ways to write the awesomenessest post
  10. The fine art of blogging
  11. How to sell a book
  12. Things writers think about

And my actual progress:

The Author Platform

Imposter Syndrome

Author platform: Pinterest

Writer woes: Marketing and the author platform

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