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Reflections: New Beginnings

This prompt found on the Daily Om is about all sorts of beginnings from starting over to new hobbies and experiences tried. Start Over Sometimes in life we have to let a lot of things go and start fresh. I think some people may find this more difficult as they get older because they feel… Continue reading Reflections: New Beginnings

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TL;DR Too long, Didn’t read

I'm afraid I'm not the TL;DR generation. I want information. I'm the sort of person that finds something mildly intriguing and then takes a massive deep dive into research to find out way more about it. Just because. Like some sort of weirdo who likes to read and learn new things. Almost obsessively. And I… Continue reading TL;DR Too long, Didn’t read

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HIRAETH: the home that lives in my imagination

Hiraeth is a Welsh word that has no direct English translation. Some might say it is a sort of longing with homesickness and yearning or nostalgia. And it is sort of all of those layered in there. A longing, homesickness and nostalgia for a home you can't return to, no longer was, or even never existed.… Continue reading HIRAETH: the home that lives in my imagination

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Mandela Effect strangeness

Basically, the Mandela Effect is when people recall an event in history that is very specific but historical events show that something else happened. I explored this topic for my own interest years and years ago for fun. I am writing about it now because I just mentioned it to my brother. And really, as… Continue reading Mandela Effect strangeness

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I’ve Been Nominated For The Mystery Blogger Award

Because I am a mystery, wrapped in an enigma with a chaotic core. Or because of other reasons. Either way I have been nominated for The Mystery Blogger Award! Thanks Reality Decoded! The creator of this award is Okoto Engima THE RULES: Put the award logo on your blogThank the blogger who nominated you and… Continue reading I’ve Been Nominated For The Mystery Blogger Award

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My user manual

Warning labels and instructions: Fragile- handle with care. Internally and externally fragile. Just overall very fragile in nature. Look but don't hug. Person does not like hugging. Keep Upright! Falls over with ease. Also randomly tips over. Has no internal balance system included.Keep Quiet as possible. Person enjoys silence.Keep primarily in the dark. May scream… Continue reading My user manual

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Having no internal monologue

This has been going about the internet because it is pretty fascinating. That we do not comprehend that other people's brains fundamentally do not work the same way ours do. I knew, for example, we all learn differently. I am book smart. I remember every damn thing I read. Sometimes I even remember how the… Continue reading Having no internal monologue

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IQ seems a little flat without an influx of Creativity

Intelligence without creativity is just knowledge that cannot be manifested into anything... great at trivia but not so great at creation or problem solving. I'm a motherfucking genius! Well, some consider an IQ of 140 to be a genius. (unless I have a migraine then it is lower... and I ALWAYS have a migraine) I'm… Continue reading IQ seems a little flat without an influx of Creativity

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Time travel probability ponderings

I got to thinking. This is always a bad idea. Nevermind that. I got to my mind wandering as it does and it wandered into the question of time travel. Not the standard questions and paradoxes though. Just a question under a certain set of conditions. What if time travel into the past did exist.… Continue reading Time travel probability ponderings


Curse tablets

thegetty: Curse tablets were used by the ancient Greeks and Romans to inflict pain on thieves and rivals in politics, athletics, domestic disputes, and affairs of the heart. Wonder who incurred the wrath of this author? Curse Tablet, about 100 B.C., found in Morgantina, Sicily. Lead, 3 11/16 x 1 13/16 in. (9.4 x 4.6 cm). Museo Archeologico Regionale… Continue reading Curse tablets