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Haven Series: White Witch wide distribution

I had my Haven series just on Amazon for years via their KDP program which is quite beneficial for an indie author. I have several reasons for deciding to do wide distribution and one of which is not to be dependent on one distribution company. However, that isn't the only reason. If that were the… Continue reading Haven Series: White Witch wide distribution

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The Chronic Pain Manual

This is my newest book publication. It isn't under my pen name, as that is for fiction. This is a humor based book about chronic pain. Do you have pain? Have you had pain so long that you don't even remember what not pain feels like? I mean is that even a thing? Not feeling… Continue reading The Chronic Pain Manual

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The Surge: Book 1 of Riftworld

This is Book 1 In the Rift World Series, I have started called The Surge  The series gets more complex as it goes along. In the first book, we are introduced to the character, a bit of her history, attitude, the world, and some of the problems within that world. Due to the inherent problems in this… Continue reading The Surge: Book 1 of Riftworld