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Boundaries? What are those? INFJ problems

I always like to start off with the standard 'Myers-Briggs Personality' is not exactly perfect for a personality typing system. I don't think any of them are. And as long as I am aware of that and that nothing is set in stone- I'm good with that. INFJs and Boundaries But if you know a… Continue reading Boundaries? What are those? INFJ problems

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Internal self- Are we good narrators of our own story?

I know personality tests are inherently flawed. They all are. Even if you are the most introspective person in the entire universe I don't think they capture who you truly are personality wise. For many reasons. One is that they are limited to broad strokes rather than nuances. But mostly because who you perceive yourself… Continue reading Internal self- Are we good narrators of our own story?


Pretend-extroversion: when introverts fake it

I am currently reading Quiet by Susan Cain which is a fascinating book I recommend to any introvert. I am on the chapter called 'When should you act more extroverted?' And well, not one says you Should. But some of us Do sometimes. Why is that? It turns out when we are really into something… Continue reading Pretend-extroversion: when introverts fake it

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My user manual

Warning labels and instructions: Fragile- handle with care. Internally and externally fragile. Just overall very fragile in nature. Look but don't hug. Person does not like hugging. Keep Upright! Falls over with ease. Also randomly tips over. Has no internal balance system included.Keep Quiet as possible. Person enjoys silence.Keep primarily in the dark. May scream… Continue reading My user manual