Artwork: Acrylics

On a whim I decided to give acrylics a go. Since I have no idea if I will like it I just got this small beginning pack and these small little canvases. Just to give it a go. This is for a few layers in and I had already cleaned up one time- because it… Continue reading Artwork: Acrylics


Artwork: Watercolour pencils

I have these watercolour pencils that I decided to give a go with today. They are interesting. I don't really know much about watercolours yet anyway so it is all an exploration. It was just a quick piece because I have been exceptionally dizzy today. Just my vestibular condition acting up. See more artwork: FacelessMigraine… Continue reading Artwork: Watercolour pencils


Artwork: Expressive forms in watercolour

In my experimental phase of watercolouring I am trying out new techniques. As you can see with these two pieces they have sort of splotches of colour mixed in there to create a certain look to them. The first piece I call 'Self-worth' because it is a lovely piece with light colour, pale, beautiful but… Continue reading Artwork: Expressive forms in watercolour