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Reflections: What is missing?

Ponderings based on Daily Om This question posed in A Year of Writing to Uncover the Authentic Self on the Daily Om is a good one for different parts of your life. You can ask it again and again and get different answers. But to know what you feel is missing in your life to… Continue reading Reflections: What is missing?

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Purpose and Meaning in life

I was talking to someone who felt like they had no purpose and meaning in life which I am sure we have at all, at one time or another, related to. Certainly, with chronic pain and vertigo being disabled you sort of struggle with that sense of purpose when you lose a lot of functionality.… Continue reading Purpose and Meaning in life

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Depression, our career choices, and the authentic self

I did this test today. One of those career tests that tells which facets of you personality are dominate and which fields you should focus on for life satisfaction. Unsurprisingly mine where 'Thinking' and 'Creating' as dominate traits. Pretty much on par with each other. The banker and the inauthentic self Prior to becoming disabled… Continue reading Depression, our career choices, and the authentic self