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Depression, our career choices, and the authentic self

I did this test today. One of those career tests that tells which facets of you personality are dominate and which fields you should focus on for life satisfaction. Unsurprisingly mine where 'Thinking' and 'Creating' as dominate traits. Pretty much on par with each other. The banker and the inauthentic self Prior to becoming disabled… Continue reading Depression, our career choices, and the authentic self

Depression and creativity
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Creativity and depression

I have had a longlasting bout of depression that I am now on medication for. I am talking a decade of Major Depressive Disorder. I don't mean a bit of ennui although, yeah, I get that too... don't we all? But depression is a beast.  It is quite effective medication for me. And you hear… Continue reading Creativity and depression

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Intelligence and belief

Why do we believe weird things? As smart as we can be, why do we believe weird things? I am reminded of Michael Shermer’s view, when he’s asked why smart people believe weird things, like creationism, ghosts and (as with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) fairies: “Smart people are very good at rationalizing things they came… Continue reading Intelligence and belief