Where Art Thou?

Where art thou By Lile Hamilton

Where Art Thou is an urban fantasy book; Book 2 in the Haven Series

Raylien has just found out she has a daughter. The memory of which has been taken from her by the fae father, Gilliad. Because her daughter is a half-breed with Seelie blood in her the Queen will likely not tolerate her existence. She values above all the purity of the Seelie fae. Therefore, Ray is determined to have Lily with her demon mate safely hidden in the Hells where the Queen cannot get to them. However, can she keep them there?
Where art thou urban fantasy book

Amazon Reviews of Where Art Thou

January 1, 2017

It’s so nice to read a book that keeps your attention. A complex new world ( or 3 ?) to thrive your imagination in. Kill one enemy find another. Quests are never easy and rarely simple. That’s what I love about this story. So many twists and turns you may feel like you are trying to get the truth from a Elf


February 3, 2018

After reading White Witch, the first book in the Haven series, I craved more. I needed my Faerie fix. I longed to get a glimpse of the Hells. I wanted to know how in the world Ray was going to protect her daughter from the mad queen.

“Where Art Thou?” picked up right where White Witch left off, but barely gave me time to catch my breath. It was nonstop suspense, action, and more shocking revelations! Maybe half the length of the first book, I devoured this in a day…and I do mean devoured. It was simply not possible to stop after a chapter because I _needed_ to know what was going to happen next!

Once again, Ray was a delight, without revealing too much it was very gratifying to get to see the Hells, and what a surprise/twist I once again failed to see coming!

I’m delighted to see there’s a third book. Going to ride this Haven series as far as it goes. I’m hooked. This is seriously amazing fantasy, and I’m surprised I hadn’t heard of it before. This series should be famous!