The Old Gods

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Fifty years ago the Alignment between our universe and the Realm started. With it, an influx of Universal Energy which powered up the Earth’s ley lines and people who are sensitive to it became wizards, witches, or psychics. When the Alignment hit translucent spirit entities also crossed over creating all sorts of creatures. However, hidden in society also exists sorcerers who exist whether our world is in an Alignment or not. Sorcerers were recently outed and are integrating their communities with society.

Irelynne is the only sorcerer in the city of Coldbrooke. She agrees to help save the local vampire hive from a deadly curse. If you kill the hive Master vampire the hive is decimated. Someone knows it and is aiming the curse directly at the Master. Ire soon discovers those witches casting the curse are not willing participants. Who is hiding their dirty work behind the magic of witches? And why? Does it have something to do with the recent attacks from Odin’s Army, a preternatural human hate group in Coldbrooke?

Meanwhile, her own power grows and she finds out new secrets about herself and her people. Secrets that are drawing attention and creatures to her.

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Book 1: Lost Magic Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars Fast paced. Exciting.Reviewed in the United States on September 16, 2019Format: Kindle EditionVerified PurchaseIn a world where witches, Wizards, and vampires have all been integrated (though painfully) into modern society, Irelynne – a sorcerer – must hide her unusual magic while investigating a series of murders that only she will be able to solve.

Ire is funny, relatable, and very competent. Zoro is hilarious.

There were fresh takes on common tropes, but with a sense of modernity and respect that can sometimes be lacking in fantasy.

I look forward to the next book.

5.0 out of 5 stars One of the greatest items to come out of the urban fantasy markets that I have ever read😄Reviewed in the United States on December 27, 2019Format: Kindle EditionShould be a great start to a good urban fantasy series combined with a deeply layered mystery series… Can’t wait for the next one!!!