All Drugged Up Part II


All Drugged Up- book II by Lil Hamilton

All Drugged Up Part II is an urban fantasy book; book 4 in the Haven Series 

A magically induced drug rages through the city causing the fae to spell uncontrollably until they Fade. Ray has managed to get herself infected by this drug and is relentlessly trying to find the malicious witch behind it. At the same time, she still tries to deal with the Faerie King and his desire to have her as his Consort. However, the KIng’s actions in taking the fae off the Accords has riled up the Interracial Department, who now doesn’t trust his motives. Ray must try to get the fae King and the Hells king together to talk and try to appease the humans.

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Amazon All Drugged Up Part II Review:

February 17, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

I held off reviewing All Drugged Up (either part) until reading The I of Me, book 5 of the Haven series. That’s because I was concerned about the villain and wanted to ensure (1) she was worthy of all the attention she got and trouble she caused, and (2) whether I’d be satisfied with Ray’s solution and personal outcome. Fear not, the ride is well worth it, so read the Haven series all the way to the end! If you liked the first two books, the last three are well worth your time!

All Drugged Up, Part 2 starts out on an interesting note and stays exciting and action packed throughout! The drug has a lot more to it than it originally appeared–obviously–and it’s looking more and more obvious who’s behind it…but to what end? That question will be answered, at least partially, before the book is over. Ray will also become a lot more powerful and do some really amazing, action-hero like things, as well as some that are just plain amusing.

Infected by the drug, which spreads through a curse, Ray must race against time and her own growing infection to shut down the drug operation and find a cure. She finds help in an unexpected place–her long-repressed demon side. As she finally begins to embrace both sides of her essence, Ray becomes increasingly unstoppable–and she’s going to need every bit of mojo she can muster with the enemies she has to face!

The Seelie High King’s intentions begin to appear a lot less pure, and Ray’s demon family finally gets a lot more play in this book–and they’re awesome. (I’d been cheering for the Demon King since book 2, and hoping to see more of Ray’s demon siblings).

The humans have started doing what humans do best–freaking out and overreacting, and showing our dark side. Best not to mess with a Princess of the Hells or the Seelie High King’s desired Consort. Can’t say I didn’t warn you…both the fae and the demons get to show humanity how insignificant it is and when it happens, I guarantee you’ll be cheering for the immortals. I was.

Just as it looks like everything is going to work out, something happens that will make you mad–so mad that I reserved judgment on this book and its predecessor until reading The I of Me! Thankfully, book 5 not only justifies the ending to this book but makes so many things make sense and fall into place–extremely satisfying. And who doesn’t love The Empire Strikes Back? See, it’s OK to end dark, so long as the concluding saga gives the heroes some well-deserved payback and ties it all together. In this case, you’ll have to wait for the next book, The I of Me, to find out why the villain is so powerful and seemingly always a few steps ahead. But as she turns out to be a very worthy villain, and Ray certainly doesn’t disappoint as the heroine, it’s all good–just pick up The I of Me right away so you can burn through your anger quickly! Don’t let it linger. Grab the next book and keep reading!