All Drugged Up Part I

All Drugged Up Part I by Lil Hamilton

All Drugged Up- Part I is an urban fantasy book; Book 3 in the Haven series

Raylien serves the Queen of Faerie on earth as her ambassador by sitting on the Accords Council which holds the truce between all the races recently outed to all of humanity. A position which suits her fine since she is a demon-fee half-breed and not comfortable in either realm. It is her job to protect all the fae in the District and ensure they do not get into any mischief within the city of Haven.
Then after she wakes the High King from his slumber he comes to the earthly realm insisting she is his rightful Consort. Having manifested the ability to Bridge worlds, although an immature ability, she doubts his sincerity. She is an asset both her demon father and the Faerie King desire to be on their side. While she can she will try to remain neutral knowing soon she will have to make the choice.
The Faerie King must renew alliances. He is pulling the fae back into Faerie through the Haven portal. The influx of fae in the city has drawn a lot of attention and the human Inter force is none too pleased with being disregarded by the King. A new witch drug targeted to the fae springs up on the market lowering the fae inhibitions to do magic and riling up vampire hungers. Ray questions the timing of the drug given the Kings return. Soon she battles her own instability while trying to get the drug producer off the street.
All Drugged up urban fantasy book

Amazon review of All Drugged Up Part I

February 17, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

I held off reviewing All Drugged Up (either part) until reading The I of Me, book 5 of the Haven series. That’s because I was concerned about the villain and wanted to ensure (1) she was worthy of all the attention she got and trouble she caused, and (2) whether I’d be satisfied with Ray’s solution and personal outcome. Fear not, the ride is well worth it, so read the Haven series all the way to the end! If you liked the first two books, the last three are well worth your time!

All Drugged Up presents a seemingly simple problem that turns out to be anything but. Ray is suddenly the object of both the newly awakened Seelie High King’s affections as well as her father the Demon King’s continued efforts to find her a demon mate. Tough choices, right? Embrace being a Princess of the Hells, or become Consort of the High King and become the target of the devious fae’s jealousy and plotting?

Part 1 of All Drugged Up reads in many parts like a good detective story, with Ray and her team trying to figure out who is behind the manufacture and distribution of a mysterious new drug that seems designed to sow chaos and make the fae look bad at a time when the High King has already created tensions with humanity by ordering the recall of all fae to Faerie. Ray is learning new abilities and showing signs she might be a less weak and more awesome than any of the fae have given her credit for her entire life. Clearly there’s more to Ray than meets the eye, given the High King’s keen interest in her. But answers will have to wait–this book is going to leave you hanging!

Fear not, you just have to enjoy the ride, and keep reading through book 5. The answers will come, and they are very satisfying. For now, though, get used to disappointment (being kept in the dark) and if you can unravel the mystery before reading the rest of the series, you’re quite a few steps ahead of me! It’s worth it, though–exciting and shocking revelations await, and this book will whet your appetite for them!