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Final book of Haven Series on out!

In the 6th and final book of the Haven series, Ray finds herself isolated from her kin and friends. Her mate is dead and she feels the burn of that lost bond within her constantly. She learns the Faerie is now being ruled by the Seasonal King of Winter, Erlkonig who plans to set the Great Hunt on her come Halloween. A sure and final death for her.

Before that happens a Cacodemon comes for a visit to her apartment wearing the suit of a human. He tells her she must go home. That her father, the King of the Hells, is dying. Her mother remains in Faerie and was never sent back to him. Their mating bond weakens and they both will die. If they do there will be war in the Hells as her siblings battle on who should rule. It is the Winter King who holds her mother. If she dies not only will the Hells fall into civil war but they will fight Faerie before they do. Her siblings cannot save her mother. Not when their presence in Faerie would be felt so easily. But she could. And she will not allow her parents to die. She will not allow chaos to spread through the Hells and Faerie because of the Winter King’s political posturing.

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You can find all these on my Amazon Profile
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