Beginning stage of a project

Reflection: Your best day ever: Your worse day ever

I am lumping two prompts together here because I have a crappy memory so... having a hard time picking something for this. Worst day ever The human brain is designed to remember negative things better than positive things. Mainly because we are animals and as such we are focused on survival. And maybe that doesn't… Continue reading Reflection: Your best day ever: Your worse day ever


Prompt post: Forgotten Skills

A Year of Writing to Uncover the Authentic Self : Lesson 13: Forgotten Skills This prompt is to think about our forgotten childhood skills. My forgotten skills: Playing the pianoPhotography and manually processing film and printsRollerblading As a kid I did cross-stitching Maybe others. I miss photography but I know some of the reasons I stopped. One,… Continue reading Prompt post: Forgotten Skills