I got out the typewriter

I bought this typewriter a bit back but never got around to getting the cartridges. But I have ordered and received them. I want to start using this for rough drafts because I have that tendency to go back and edit repeatedly and I would much rather get that rough, rough, draft out before I… Continue reading I got out the typewriter

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Rocket Book

I have been insanely forgetful since having sort-of-kinda-maybe recovered from COVID. And I keep writing things down to remember on random notepads... and then promptly forget it exists Or I can't find where I wrote it down. So this system is really not working for me. Not saying my memory was grand pre-COVID infection. I… Continue reading Rocket Book

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My focus is very specific right now

I have been focusing a great deal on my art right now. Mostly because I can't actually focus on much of anything. And I can just zone in on drawing. Long-COVID and my Work-In-Progress Novels I have two novels I am really into at the moment. I am completely inspired to write them. I have… Continue reading My focus is very specific right now

Writing: Pantser not Plotter

Writing: Being a Pantser. Not a Plotter

It seems there is this idea Plotting and outlining are in some sense superior to the 'flying by the seat of your pants' method. But it isn't. It is Different but they are both methods that get you to the same place depending on your personality type. Pantser writing I know my character before I… Continue reading Writing: Being a Pantser. Not a Plotter

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Things writer’s tears are good for

We collect our tears because writer's tears are magical and can be used in various ways. If you don't collect your tears you should start. If you don't weep when you edit... well, you need to Edit Harder... and tears will happen. Writer's tear common uses Puting three, and Only three, drops into ones alcoholic… Continue reading Things writer’s tears are good for

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Copyright when self-publishing? Yay? Nay?

Here is the thing about copyright... as soon as you write something it is copyrighted. BAM done. Conversation over. Unless you need to prove you wrote that work. Huh. Hmm. Or Amazon comes to you and says 'Hey, are you the owner of this work and also prove that you are.' And I was like… Continue reading Copyright when self-publishing? Yay? Nay?

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Lost Magic: Book 1 of the Alignment preorder

Lost Magic is available August 30th! Almost time. I did a preorder this time which I have never done before. When it is done I will put up the physical book for sale as well. And I have pre-sold 2 books. I know. Impressive. Don't envy me. Anyway, it is up for preorder and it… Continue reading Lost Magic: Book 1 of the Alignment preorder