I got out the typewriter

I bought this typewriter a bit back but never got around to getting the cartridges. But I have ordered and received them.

I want to start using this for rough drafts because I have that tendency to go back and edit repeatedly and I would much rather get that rough, rough, draft out before I think about a second draft. And this will make me do that. Also, really nostalgic for me. Back in the day I used to write on a typewriter. My very first novel when I was a pre-teen actually.

So because I am going at it in one go for this novel I did a rough outline. And will make notes as I go alone for characters and worldbuilding details. But I felt I needed some sense of the entire plot broken down into sections to get a feel for it before I type it out. And I did that. I have a real feel for where this novel is going, how to get there and how it will end.

Which really makes me in the mood to get started on it. And it is the weekend so no time like the present!

Whoowee. That ribbon did not want to go into its home there for a bit. But I got it in finally.


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