In a creative mindset

I am in such an awesome mood this Sunday. I have been really living in a creative mindset lately. Focusing on my artwork. Focusing on my writing. Starting new projects. Keeping busy as I can.

I worked on a few artistic projects today. Completely different styles and topics. It’s interesting. I am working on a novel since I was inspired with a different angle on it. For health reasons, writing was taking a backburner but I have adapted and figured out the pattern that works for me, now, at this current moment. And I am going with the flow on that novel. Letting other WIPs wait for now since I find my focus needs to be a bit more, well, direct these days. So one WIP at a time.

I have a non-fiction project I am working on too. Sort of been messing around with it for a few years now. So I want to get it compiled to see if I want to do anything with it or not. But I feel it could possibly work with other ideas I have been playing around with lately, so we shall see. If I do decide to manifest those other ideas then this work could be quite useful.

I tend to cope with a lot of difficult situations with my creative outlets. And well, its been a hell of a year already. And one that required immediate and drastic changes- for the better, obviously. And often I give myself a little time to absorb the changes. So I was pretty mellow, needing my alone time, and absorbing the sense of peace that comes with living alone. Now, I am starting to use what has happened over the last bit as fuel for my creativity.

In other words, I have a crapton of fuel for my creativity right now. There is a lot of joy in that. In the creative process. And it is a great thing to take that which you had to overcome, or let go of, and manifesting art from it.

I like to live in a state of gratitude for what I have. And not what I lost. Some things are meant to be let go of. And when I started my new beginning in my little studio apartment I liked that I don’t need much space or things to feel a real sense of contentment. I still have to work through some of the crap I had to deal with but that all takes a little time. Let the dust settle. And wrap my head around it somehow. It will be better when everything from my past existence is taken care of so that I can fully just let go of it all. That will be a relief for sure.

But getting rid of larger assets and settling debt doesn’t happen immediately and certainly not nearly as fast as I would like. Separations… (Or divorce? What do you even say with a common-law relationship ending. Separation sounds like flimsy and not as firm as divorce. So let’s go with divorce because all that? Is dead and done. So definitely not a shade of gray in that ending)- the demise of a long-term relationship- like this suck in that way. I think as long as I keep to myself and not let all those other influences around me then I can be patient enough until everything is finally done. Then just shut that door for good. Mentally and emotionally it is all done but all the rest of the tangible stuff, just have to get it done. And I definitely feel restless to get it over with but I can’t hurry the process no matter how much I want to.

Might join a dating app soon though. Not sure which one. And given my recent situation not going to say which one if and when I do. Real world meeting is also a fine thing. I’m cool with that too. And definitely not in any real hurry. I’m one of those people that is quite comfortable with my own company. I don’t fall in love with love just to have someone. My pace in these things has always been fairly slow. And I am good with that. I definitely learned a lot from my last relationship. It was a series of lessons actually. One no one should learn but the rest of them I think we all learn along the way. I know what I am looking for. And what I am not. So that is a start.


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