The life

Reflections: New Beginnings

This prompt found on the Daily Om is about all sorts of beginnings from starting over to new hobbies and experiences tried.

Start Over

Sometimes in life we have to let a lot of things go and start fresh. I think some people may find this more difficult as they get older because they feel like they have a lot more to lose.

For me, I separated from my common-law spouse of 25 some years.

The Apartment

Obviously, this meant finding a new place to live because on disability income I wouldn’t have been able to sustain enough income for the house. To find someplace affordable for me I looked in the city and not the small city I lived in. This was a somewhat intimidating concept for me because I never had any desire to live in the city. And I’d have to get used to the bus system to get around because I can’t medically drive at the moment (That is improving, but when it fully does- need a vehicle then). But the more I looked at places the more comfortable I became with the idea of living in the city. I found a studio appartment for decent rent and in a location that I like.

So that big change so far has worked out great. I like living by myself. I know some people do not like that but I am extremely comfortable with my own company, with silence and with just myself. It feels peaceful really. The space is small so it is easy to tidy up. I feel I filled it with the things I love.

The Sense of Loss

Another thing about separation a lot of people do not like is the loss of things. I really didn’t go through this because I just do not need much. Some things are important to me and that is enough for a small place like this. But most things I just do not need. Sometimes I used to like to go on a cleaning frenzy (which when you are disabled is a couple weeks at least to do). And I would weed out all the clothes, books and things I just felt like I should let go of and donate.

And moving here felt like that- unloading the unnecessary and minimalizing what I need. It may feel sparce to some but it is freeing really. It is a simple life with simple needs. It never really is a loss. It is a new beginning. And you can choose to fill that space and your life in any way you want.

It is sort of refreshing. Maybe it is the independence of existing in a space you can decorate the way you please and fill in the way you please.

Getting used to a place and space

I do have adjust to a new lifestyle. Not so much being single although that is definitely also true. I have not dated in decades. I haven’t anyway. And it will be quite the adventure navigating that. It will be a bit weird, I think.

But it is an adventure just getting used to a new area you live in, especially when it is a new city. And then there is getting used to a different sort of transportation. I haven’t taken the bus in decades either so that will be an adjustment. But for independence you just have to adapt to all these things. Go with the flow.


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