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Reflections: What is missing?

Ponderings based on Daily Om

This question posed in A Year of Writing to Uncover the Authentic Self on the Daily Om is a good one for different parts of your life. You can ask it again and again and get different answers. But to know what you feel is missing in your life to have life satisfaction and fulfillment is a way to know what to seek. To know how you want to grow.

There is not a lot missing from my life. In the sense I have peace and contentment in my existence right now. I feel comfortable in my Being. Personal growth is one of my core values- and that is a life long process- but I welcome it and encourage myself to constantly develop and grow.

So what do I feel is missing?


Obviously, my health is an area that lacks. But I am aware there are some things that cannot be changed. And some that can. And certainly, always adjustments to be made. I am aware chronic pain may be a constant state of being for me. However, how I react and cope with it has vastly changed over the years. How I do that is definitely always improving.

So sure, I do not have perfect health and I never will. But I have altered my perspective on living with chronic illness and I have adapted in many, many ways. I know the limits that cannot be changed and I know the ones I can gently nudge for slow improvements.


Definitely, I am not in a relationship at the moment. And I like the peace that brings after all the doubt and uncertainty and pain in my previous relationship. I do want a fulfilling relationship in the future. And I know I want to be with someone who shares my values. Who I am Enough for them. That they will recognize my value and worth and I will recognize theirs. When I feel like entering the dating world again, I will. If someone pops into my life and it just just a connection I can’t deny, I welcome that too.

But I am content alone too. I am fine with my presence. I am comfortable with silence and solitude- because I am alone but I am not lonely.

Social Life

I am working on this one. It is a bit tricky with my health being the way it is. But I want a thriving social life that is the sort someone with my personality and physical limitations can have. I definitely already have awesome friends who I value immensely in my life. I want to also spend more time with them but distance is now a factor. But I will do all I can to see them when I can because they are all very important to me.

Other than that, I have a lot of passions I follow that give me a sense of fulfillment. I do not make much money but I do not need much. I live in a tiny studio apartment but I do not lack anything- I like the space and it makes me feel good to be here. I do not have an abundance of things and I don’t need them. I have all that I need right here. I would love financial stability but as long as I make enough to get by that is also fine. Making a bit extra would give me a comfortable buffer though. It isn’t something that is a gaping void in my life though. I’m not very materialistic so what I have is enough. My needs are met. So money is not ‘missing’ for my life satisfaction.

You have to approach life from a point of gratitude for all the relationships and things in your life that matter. Rather than from the perspective of Lack. Of needing More all the time. We are the authors of our own story. If we feel a void- only we can fill it. And for me, mainly it is Connection. Connection to the world around me, to my friends, for a relationship and for interactions with others in the world. And I have thought about and am doing some of the things that will start to make those connections.


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