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My new cat

So I went to the SPCA here and adopting a cat named Peter. He is so cute with his big cheeks and sad eyes. And I think it is those eyes that made me compelled to adopt him.

I am thinking of changing his name to Theodore. Is that better than Peter? No idea, but I like it. Either that or Aristotle.

Anyway, since I have gotten him he has been hiding in the storage room and now under my bed. He comes out at night to eat, drink and use the litterbox. But I think he is terrified of people. I do know he was likely a stray but they do not know any more of his history. I hate to think what gave him this fear of people.

Last night he did come out to eat and so forth, while I was still awake and with my little bedroom light on. So that is progress. He didn’t mind I was awake and right above him on the bed.

I think though I am going to pick up one of those pheromone plug ins to help soothe him and help him feel safe.

I know eventually he will. Eventually he will explore more and not mind my presence. And eventually he will allow more contact. But it takes time with a cat that is terrified of people such that he feels he needs to hide in the securest location he can find.


2 thoughts on “My new cat”

    1. He is so sweet but still scared. However, he is starting to come out more and more around me so he can eat and use his box. So he is getting a bit more comfortable in his space and with my presence. And this really warms my heart.

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