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New Flat

I have moved into my own place. And actually, I don’t recall ever living on my own. Not without roommates. Not literally by myself.

I can’t say that I mind it really. It is peaceful. And I control the vibe. I also control the cooking which I suppose I will likely regret. I’m not the best of cooks but I’m not horrible either.

Since I’m on disability I can’t afford a whole lot. So I found a studio apartment and as such it has no bedroom- but you sort of create your own dividing line for one. I used bookshelves for my ‘wall’.

I have a small kitchen. I made a computer area and a living room area. Then the bedroom at the far end of the room. Between the kitchen and the computer room, in this L shaped apartment I plan on putting an table for art space. And then my space will be complete.

I am allowed a cat for a pet and I will be getting one. While I do not mind living alone I don’t like they idea of not having a pet. Also I miss Charlie who is staying with my ex because my ex is trying to refinance the house- and Charlie has spent his entire life there. All 13 years. I don’t think he would adjust well to being moved nor do I want to do that to him. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t tear me apart leaving him and missing him. And feeling like I abandoned him. Even though I know he is loved to bits where he is- I know he knows I am gone and I know he is upset by that. He has expressed so by some of his behaviours and it makes me feel so guilty. But he is loved. And will always be loved.

I think the strangest thing isn’t living alone or the new space- it is the new city. I couldn’t find an affordable place where I lived so I moved into the city. I have never lived in the city. I have lived in cities, but small ones. Wee cities. Not The City. Which I have actually never felt the least be inclined to live in. It just seemed like a lot of People.

So when I go outside, day or evening, or I look out the window- the skyline is weird to me. I am not used to seeing these tall buildings around me. It is a strange feeling. Not a bad one exactly, just odd.

And the area is a good one, for me anyway. Lots of the things I dig are in this area. That hadn’t really occurred to me before. Most people out of the city are reluctant to travel into the city and so you miss out of the activities you would normally want to do. Maybe not so much in the middle of winter. But I will definitely be exploring more and more as the weather improves. And just getting to know the area.


5 thoughts on “New Flat”

  1. I don’t know anything about that area, but I think there are some nice parks and trails there. I had wondered about Charlie, and Dave for that matter. Wether he and his gf will stay as well. I am trying not to provide info. here. I am happy that you are happy with your new place.

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      1. Do you have grocery stores near enough for delivery? I would love to get a cat too. I am also allowed to. It is 250 fee and 20/month so kind of expensive. Especially when I have no other necessities. So I figure it would be about 500 to pay the fee and adopt the cat and get some stuff for it. I would have to do something with all the wires and crap behind the TV and computers. I think I would quit smoking too so that I could afford more for the cat lol 😹


      2. Yeah there is a grocery store near enough for delivery which is awesome. Here the cat fee is a one time deposit and she waved it for me because my flat has no carpet. So that was cool. 🙂


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