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Being single now and the idea of dating

I haven’t dated for over 20 years so I really have no concept of online dating. I could ask my ex since he never really stopped dating among other things. But, well, I definitely was monogamous and clueless to online dating. Clueless to flirting. Clueless to dating overall now.

My aunt walked me though some things. Enough to strike pure terror into my heart Just kidding, but seriously meeting online is an entirely different environment than meeting someone face to face.

I’ll be moving into my new place soon and it will be then I will decide it I am ready or want to enter the dating pool yet. Consider how horrifically my relationship ended I am almost inclined to say yes— because it can’t get worse than that. And maybe I will find someone who thinks I am enough for them. That I am great just the way I am. Maybe it will be something wonderful to experience. I am not one to carry old baggage into a new relationship so I would never judge someone based on the flaws of an ex. Also not sure many men would be capable of those specific flaws, so that is good.

I am also inclined to think I am ready because my relationship was on a pretty steady decline since 2018 due to some indiscretions on my ex’s part and it just actually got way, way worse from there. So I am pretty emotionally detached now.

But the one complication is the old ‘how and when do you disclose you have a chronic illness?’ deal. It is so complicated to do that and I don’t look forward to that awkwardness. And some men are not mature enough to handle that sort of situation. They can’t comprehend dating someone with that sort of complication even though we all get that sort of complication eventually. So that is going to be a drag. But it is what it is. Not like it is something I can change

In the end, it will be a new experience that once I start I am sure I will get the hang of and likely meet some awesome people along the way.

Or I will dip my toe into more socialization with some apps that get you out and about. That might be a good first step. Ease my way into a expanded social life.


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