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Well, this year is done, thankfully. Bring it, 2023

To be honest with you, my life has been a real shitshow since 2018. There has not been one aspect of my life that hasn’t been affected in this span of time. 2022 is really no different. It sure ended on a crappy note. I have never had such a horrible Christmas before. And I will be adjusting to the fallout of that for quite some time.

Between hackers and weird health issues this year has been a crapshoot.

And it ended with me becoming single after a 25 year long relationship. So that is going to lead to one hell of an interesting 2023 for sure. Interesting times ahead. I don’t feel like going into details on that because why bother? It is what it is and now it is done. It wasn’t like it was a surprise though… that was a slow decline coming on since 2018.

Art pursuits

My art has continued to progress well this year. I still lag on the marketing or How to Sell it. But I have definitely been creating some interesting work. And making headway on social media which is important for visibility.

I will have fin with this in the new year. And writing as well. And I have some other things on my mind I will have Plenty of time for.

So I raise a drink to 2023 and hope it is better than 2022 for all of us. Let’s have a good one people!


2 thoughts on “Well, this year is done, thankfully. Bring it, 2023”

  1. I had no idea! I am so sorry Nikki, I certainly know what that is like. No one can say that they know what you are going through because no one else is living your life. What I do know is that it does get better eventually. Like a death it never really goes away. You are an amazing person and so very talented. I hope that this year will be so much better for you. I also hope that you will be able to have everything that you need this year, financially, emotionally and physically. All of this is so hard but you are strong and resilient, if there is anything that I can do please let me know. Love you very much.

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