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I found my throat Chakra?

So I took a picture of my brilliant purple hair, and I caught this image:

Throat Chakra?

There was light coming in from the window that was creating a sort of cool effect and I think that is the rainbow there. But what is weird is that circle within a circle on my throat there. No clue what that is.

For context here is the previous image:

So in this one you can see there is nothing there causing a reflection (aside from my sparkling personality, of course. That can cause blindness).

My necklace which is a Celtic shield is below that… You can see it slightly here. I wear two of them. The small one you can see slightly and the larger one is below that and must be covered by my hair. There isn’t anything where that circle appears. And nothing to cause that sort of manifestation.

I am quite curious as to what sort of trick of the light would even Do that. If I saw this with My eyes that would be entirely different. I have migraine with aura for one thing. And visual snow. Seeing lights is nothing new. Seeing them in pictures is a little strange. Anyway, I find it interesting regardless.


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